My New House Floor Plan

January 27, 2016

In December (the 21st to be exact) I bought my FIRST HOME! It was a bit of a fixer upper but is in the neighbourhood I loved and is zoned R2 with the perfect walk out basement for an apartment that we could rent out and basically cover our mortgage (um hi I’ll live for free thanks) so I really couldn’t pass it up. I had plans to do a few renovations and move in by the second week of January… Well it’s been a full month (and 6 days) and I’m still not moved in. But we are getting closer and I’m getting more and more frustrated excited every day. 

The original plan was to put in new flooring and a fresh coat of paint but after one day with the keys the list of renovations got very long. I’m learning what it’s like to live on a very tight budget and I do not love it. I know when it’s all done and I’m actually living there it will all be worth it but man is it ever a frustrating process. I still have like no idea how I’ll even decorate because I’ve been checking my bank account obsessively and watching it go down and down and down and down. $2100 for flooring… seriously? $240 dollars for shower tiles, AWESOME. Did you know having a window in your shower usually means there will be mold? I now know this and still decided to keep the window  – NATURAL LIGHT!

I put together a floor plan of the top floor of the house so I can kind of figure out where I am going to put stuff/what I need to buy. So here it is, followed by a list of what I’ve done/planning to do with each room!



Master Bedroom – So far we have painted the room and now I’m on a search for wallpaper for the back wall. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I’m very picky and can’t find something I think I’ll like for longer than a few months. Luckily, my parents bought me a beautiful black leather bedroom set a few years ago that they are letting my take so other than the paint/wallpaper, this room is costing me ZERO dollars.

Guest Bedroom – I’ve decided to keep the old flooring in the guest bedroom and craft room because it really wasn’t that bad and I’m planning to find a big area rug that will cover most of it anyway. I can’t decide on a wall colour. Originally I was going to paint everything the same colour but as we started to paint I realized I need something different in at least TWO of the rooms. So right now the guest room is baby blue with patching marks, patiently waiting to be made pretty. I’m thinking I want to find a colourful rug for this space so the hunt is on. 

Bathroom – UGH. I can’t wait to share the before and after photos. I decided to completely gut the bathroom (floral tiles and a beige tub – no thank you) so this has definitely been the biggest project so far. Subway tiles for the shower, new tub, toiled and vanity – yeah it hasn’t been cheap.  

Craft Room/Closet – The third bedroom is going to be a closet because at 26, I don’t anticipate needing a third bedroom anytime soon. This room is waiting for a fresh coat of paint and then we’ll start hanging some shelves. For now, I’ll be using it as my craft room too… it should be interesting.

Living Room – The living room is very long and I don’t have a clue how to decorate it but I’m in love with the HUGE window! There is so much light in this house, I’m very excited.  We cut our part of the wall between the living room and kitchen and are putting in a breakfast bar. Right now I’m searching for a butcher block counter top and drift wood to frame it in. I think I’ll maybe put a desk in there somewhere so I don’t have to try to cram my iMac into my craft room/closet. 

Dining Room – I’ve been saying for YEARS that I wanted to make a farmhouse table and now I have a reason to. The dining room area is huge and the IKEA table we’ve been using for the past three years just won’t cut it. Aside from the table and a barn wood sliding door separating the kitchen from the dining room, I have ZERO plans for the rest of the space. Renovating a house is hard!

Kitchen – My original plan was to use the same flooring in the kitchen as the rest of the house but after a few frustrating conversations with my parents about the good possibility of me spilling stuff almost daily, I think it will be best to find some tile. The kitchen cupboards aren’t horrible so I’m going to give the inside a fresh coat of white paint, change the handles and call it a day. For now.

Every. Single. Room. also needs new light fixtures and baseboards and I might even get new light switch cover things (what are these called). It’s been a slow process and my bank account is suffering but I’m still SO excited for it to be finished so I can move in and start trying to decorate on a very tight budget. There will be a lot of frugal DIY projects in the next few weeks. Did I mention we have an entire bottom floor to renovate into an apartment still?





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