January 17, 2017

7 is my favourite number and this year it is 2017 so I’m really hoping for the best this year and even though we are only 17 days in, so far it is looking pretty good. 2016 I slacked really hard and I think I wrote four posts? It wasn’t the great year and I didn’t leave myself much time to do things that I enjoyed. I worked a lot, I said yes to projects I wasn’t totally into and dragged myself to events I probably should have skipped. Because I didn’t know how to say no. This year I’m saying no. A lot. I talked about my plans for 2017 a bit in my last post but I wanted to go into more detail. I’m not making monthly goals or even yearly goals – this time I’m just making plans. These are the four things I PLAN to tackle in 2017. 

Focus on myself.  

It is January 17th (Happy birthday Mom and Uncle Mike) and so far I have been doing a pretty good job with this one. Last year I spent a lot of time doing things for other people that did not bring me any joy. I felt obligated to say yes to every request and ended up with little to no time for myself each week. This year I am changing that! I was not the happiest in 2016 and I think this had a lot to do with it. This is going to be as simple as taking one hour to myself before bed to read a book. Going for a walk. Taking a bath. Drinking an uninterrupted glass of wine. Something that I WANT to do WHEN I want to do it. So far I’ve managed to find time in weeks 1, 2 and 3 so GO EMILY! Still a lot of weeks to go but I’m on the right track right? 

Finish my house.  

I’ve owned my house since December 21st, 2015. I moved in at the end of March and since then I haven’t really done much. So over the holidays I hung a few lights and it made a huge difference. I want to continue to make my house feel like a home this year. Those plans include finishing my basement apartment so I can stop living pay check to pay check and actually afford life. Growing up sucks… a lot. I also want to hang photos on my walls, put up doors on my closets, make my bathroom prettier and finally change the sink in my kitchen. 


In 2016 I went nowhere. In 2015 I went nowhere. Well I traveled to Toronto and Ottawa a few times but I didn’t experience anything new. In 2017 I plan on changing that. A few times. This week two of my girlfriends asked if anyone wanted to join them on an East Coast road trip and I said YES! I booked the time off of work and we are booking our flights to Halifax in a few days. Travel plans are already in the works and it is only January 17th. 

Create more.

Last year I really only created things when I was asked by someone. I didn’t do much for myself. I didn’t finish a single project for my house and I can’t remember the last time I knit something that was for me. Over the holidays I started knitting myself a blanket and I realized how happy it makes me to CREATE things so this year I plan on doing just that – creating to create. Not because someone asked me to. Another thing I want to do is teach myself to cook more meals. This is sort of creating right? I’m obsessed with smoothie bowls again and I’ve put together some pretty delicious ones. Maybe this year I will actually share a few recipes.

So those are my plans for 2017.  I’m not going to force myself to set goals but I am going to encourage myself to accomplish all of the things on this list and hopefully document them along the way. I’m also challenging myself to read 25 books this year but I’ll share more on that challenge in another post.

What are your plans for 2017? 

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